It’s time to say goodbye to your secret fears and insecurities, and live boldly, wholly, and authentically!

You were created to evolve!

Let’s face it. The struggle can be real! Some days you feel powerful enough to slay giants, and other days you’re not even sure you know what you’re doing.

You know who you are – in theory – but when you look deeper, you realise that this knowledge hasn’t seeped from your head to your heart. There seems to be a disconnect between who you confess you are and what you really feel like on the inside and manifest on the outside.

Life has happened. There’s been loss, betrayal, disappointment, rejection – all the heavy stuff that has left you with doubts and questions about the validity of your essence and life’s purpose.

Maybe you’re a leading woman who has accomplished incredible feats and recorded remarkable career, entrepreneurial, or ministry success.

You’re creating wealth, building legacy, developing and pouring into others, a role model and an inspiration to many, yet you’re reading this knowing that you need to take a breather from everything that has come to define success for you, and turn inwards to nurture your heart, embrace deep soul healing and refreshing so you can truly be empowered to cater for the ones you’ve been sent to.

No matter where you are, there’s a higher version of your person that is waiting to be uncovered because your identity is an eternal construct that cannot be unraveled in one season of your life. It’s been said that a YOU-version upgrade is due every 90 days!

You were created to evolve and to elevate into higher dimensions of yourself, and the Identity Mastery Academy (TIMA) has been specially curated to help you on this journey!

TIMA is for you if:

You’re a leading woman with a desire to re-invent yourself, amplify your voice and elevate your impact while living boldly and authentically.

You desire to heal emotionally and spiritually and re-anchor your soul in joyful rest.

You’re ready to break up with approval addiction, build healthier relationships, and forge stronger connections.

You’re ready to unveil the real you or unlock an elevated version of yourself while embracing your divine DNA and decoding your unique wiring.

You want to experience joy as a daily operating system.

You’re ready to kick low self-esteem in the gut, recognise the power of your pain, story, and journey to change your world and revolutionize your life!

You’re saying yes to combating crippling self-beliefs and rise to your original design and true nature!

Who is TIMA designed for?

A YOU-version upgrade available!



You are leading in any sphere or capacity



Women in ministry, coaching, counseling, and social work



Anyone who is seeking personal transformation

Six-week identity mastery immersion
Weekly live deep-dive sessions with faculty members
Workbooks and resources
Learning and accountability community
Stellar support and accountability
Safe space with deep, healing conversations
3-month post-academy access to all course videos
Fully virtual

May 20 - June 28, 2024

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Nike Adeyemi

Global speaker & Founder, Real Woman International

Tosin Sanni

Lead Instructor

Chimamaka Ige

Speaker & Business Strategist

Nike Folagbade

Family Life Coach

Olabisi Usidame

Certified Trauma Therapist

Bodam Taiwo

Feminine Leadership Coach

Your investment


Revival Rush Discount Over!

Mastery Foundation


/₦ 50,000


/₦ 42,500
Mastery Plus


/₦ 150,000


/₦ 127,500
Mastery Genius


/₦ 250,000


/₦ 212,500

Other Packages

Mastery Youth (Students aged 18-21)

Send an email to with the following:

Sponsor a Student

Let’s build legacy together by investing in the next generation! Sponsor a university student into The Identity Mastery Academy.

What’s Inside:

6 immersive weeks. 12 transformative sessions.


Module: Identity Decoded – Understanding the Age-Long Battle
Focused Session - Rediscovering, Cultivating, and Amplifying Your Unique Voice (for Leaders & People Helpers)


Module: Exploring the Framework of Your Identity Formation
Focused Session - Healing Your Inner Child


Module: Confronting the 5 Limiting Beliefs
Focused Session - Strengthening Your Identity for Marital Flourishing


Module: How to Rewrite Your Subconscious Scripts and Change Your Life (The 3 Pillars)
Focused Session - Enhancing Your Sense of Identity for Professional Excellence


Module: The Pathway to Soul, Spirit, and Relational Prosperity
Focused Session - Harnessing the Transformative Power of Your Story


Module: Strategies for Maintaining Wholeness & Progressively Elevating Your Self-Perception
Focused Session - Embracing Authenticity and Establishing Healthy Boundaries
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