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Tosin Sanni is an author, speaker, and ministry gift. Known as the Soul Prosperity Coach, she equips individuals, communities, and organisations to walk in healing, wholeness, and freedom. From overcoming trauma and adversity to becoming a certified master mental health coach, Tosin has dedicated her life to guiding others on their journey to emotional wellness. Her exceptional gift lies in intersecting emotional vitality and spiritual health, and leading people on a holistic journey to personal transformation.

Through coaching, content, courses, and community, she empowers people to rise beyond their wound stories, shatter limiting belief systems, elevate their self-perception, and live boldly and powerfully.

She is the author of the book, “Unchained: My Journey from Broken to Beautified” which has continued to empower many all over the globe to step into emotional and spiritual healing.

As a speaker, Tosin has graced several prestigious platforms including those of faith-based organisations, corporate organisations, TV, and radio stations across Africa and beyond.

She is the founder of the Liberated Nation, a global community of individuals walking in the light of healing and freedom who are being equipped to transform their world.

Through her work at the Made Whole Outreach, she carries the light of emotional and spiritual healing to universities across the nation, and through her 12-week signature healing program, Liberation Bootcamp, she deploys her breakthrough methodology for equipping individuals to experience and sustain emotional healing, spiritual renewal, and personal transformation.

We don’t rise to the level of our conscious will; we fall to the level of our subconscious beliefs.

Tosin Sanni

Through expressions such as The Proverbs School of Life and the Liberated Nation, Tosin teaches on the Christian faith and provides spiritual discipleship.

She has worked as a human resource professional with over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world, and through her involvement in the social impact space, she has worked to bring healing to abused, abandoned, and orphaned children as well as trafficked ladies and ex-commercial sex-workers.

When Tosin isn’t coaching or speaking, she enjoys reading a good book, engaging in soulful conversations, and embracing self-care.

Tosin is wife to the most amazing husband and together, they’re raising generals for God’s kingdom.

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