Heal Bloom Thrive​

Heal Bloom Thrive

A Transformational Course for Healing Your Soul & Living Your Best Life

“You will never meet a person more full of light and love than someone who has healed a soul wound, and you won’t meet anyone more miserable than someone who’s living blindly in their soul wound story.” 

– Candice Creasman 

Do you ever feel like something’s broken in you? It doesn’t matter that on the outside things seem to be going well. You have a great job, money in the bank, a nice lifestyle, a wonderful family – probably the kind of life that others would envy – yet, there’s this gnawing feeling in your soul that points to the fact that something’s not quite right.

Do you ever feel deep in your soul like your life is a scam waiting to be uncovered, afraid that people would soon discover that you’re not as great a person as they think you are? Do you find that you carry a sense of shame even when you have no real reason to?

Do you sometimes feel like nothing’s ever enough despite all the wonderful things you do for others, your stellar achievements in your education and career, and the possessions you’ve acquired?

Perhaps you feel like you’re too much, and you try to dumb down when you should speak up just so you can be accepted in certain circles.

Do you sacrifice your time, resources and your whole life for others, desiring to be seen, loved, accepted, and commended by them, yet feeling like nothing you do is ever enough? Because of your desperate attempts to earn the approval and validation of others, you struggle to create healthy boundaries in your relationships, always saying “yes” at the expense of your peace, joy, values, and wellbeing. Even when you know you should, you find it extremely difficult to say “no” for fear of being rejected.

Maybe you’re super competitive, steadily crushing your goals, progressively attaining new heights across various areas of your life, yet everything you do is motivated by the need to prove that you’re worth something; on the other hand, you may lack the courage, motivation and strength to do anything grand because you’ve been so verbally battered from your childhood that you don’t see yourself rising above the words that were spoken to you.

Do you feel the need to appear perfect, do everything perfectly, take responsibility for the actions, and consequences of other people’s decisions? Do you feel like you always have to be in control, fixing everything and everyone?

Do you find yourself in cycles of toxic relationships with damaged and emotionally unavailable people who constantly hurt you? Do you find yourself constantly being taken advantage of even in platonic relationships?

Do you struggle to trust people, and feel the need to constantly put a wall up to avoid being hurt? Do you find that you desire healthy, intimate relationships, but are unable to commit to the level of investment required to attract and sustain authentic, vulnerable and mutually rewarding ones?

Do you sometimes have unkind thoughts or speak unkind words about yourself?  Do you struggle with the way you look and loving yourself the way you were created?

Have you known the pain of abuse in any form, neglect, separation/death of your parents, financial hardship, bullying, or rejection?

Have you experienced some degree of healing in your life, yet feel the need to step into deeper levels of it so you can be opened up to higher dimensions of purpose and peace?

Hi, I’m Tosin, and I want to walk with you on this journey of a lifetime. 

For many years, “broken” defined the theme of my life, and it was the lens through which I viewed myself, others and life in general. My battered sense of self-worth had seen me spiral into a dark pit that nearly claimed my entire essence, until the miracle happened that pulled me out of a life marked by cycles of pain and dysfunction. That miracle was healing – the deep and consistent healing of my soul. You haven’t really begun living until you begin healing. It doesn’t matter what you have or where you are; a new, beautiful and unprecedented life opens up to you when you step into your healing. 

Imagine a life filled with endless possibilities, untethered to the pain of your past or the opinions of others. Imagine a life full of meaningful, value-adding, respectful relationships marked by genuine love and authenticity. Imagine a life where you felt free and unburdened, whole and secure, peaceful and purposeful. Imagine a life where you were absolutely in love with yourself and free of the desire to be who you’re not. Imagine a life of deep spiritual connectedness and oneness with who you are at your core. Imagine a life of joy and all-round wellbeing. This is how you live when you heal, and this is why I’m inviting you to walk with me on this journey to heal, bloom and thrive.

This transformational 9-module course will help you uncover and explore wounds that are lurking in your soul and writing your life’s narrative, equip you step into deep healing, and empower you to sustain a life of wholeness.

Are you ready to heal, bloom and thrive?

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