Course Overview

In this transformational program, you will be taken on a journey of deep introspection, mindset reengineering, spiritual renewal, and personal transformation.

The thought patterns, mindsets and belief systems responsible for your dissatisfying realities will be exposed and challenged, your subconscious conditionings will be unearthed, lies and limiting beliefs will be revealed; and you will be equipped and aligned with undiluted truth that will deliver you into the kind of life that God has for you.

You will have group access to a certified therapist and undergo exercises aimed at excavating deep seated pain, trauma, and other root causes of negative patterns and realities in your life.

Using the ever-efficient tool of introspection, you will be brought into oneness with your unique identity and you will fall in love with yourself as you discover the phenomenal human that you are.

You will be equipped for emotional wholeness and mastery.

You will be armed with rare but deep truth that will help you break free from dysfunctional relationship cycles.

You will step into clarity in the area of your life’s unique purpose and calling.

You will encounter and be transformed by God’s word in a new way; you will be ushered into a place of spiritual renewal and personal revival as you are schooled by the Spirit on how to build real intimacy with God. Get ready to be super-charged in an atmosphere of worship and prayers too!

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